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My Process

I specialise in bespoke print & website design for the purposes of marketing, information distribution and online sales and more. My process is simple with a focus on constant contact to ensure that you, the client, is always happy!

My process for designing and producing your website is simple. I will initially produce a ‘working draft’ which is a functional homepage. Once you state you’re happy with the design, I can then focus on the content and sitemap to achieve a beautiful website that’s fit for purpose. With a true passion for web design, I push myself to go above and beyond your expectations, time and time again.

When it comes to designing and producing your print, my process is to provide you with every iteration I produce. I use the latest software and ensure your print will be of the best quality based on your budget. My designs are always made with the materials in mind, be it a matt laminated business card or an uncoated letterhead, so your print will look as good as it can!

Designing your website and print materials is a creative and enjoyable process for both parties! To ensure you’re happy with the outcome, I will collaborate with you. This means keeping a constant back-and-forth stream of contact with you, allowing you to review the project at each step. If preferred, I am more than happy to travel to you for a meeting or design presentation.

Establish Your Requirements

The first step will be for me to learn about your company and what it is I can offer you. Are you looking for a new logo, a new website or perhaps some printed materials? After you initially contact me, I will provide you with the ideal solution for your needs. The more in-depth you are when contacting me, the better!

Proposal & Estimate

I am often approached with questions like “How much is a website”. Unfortunately, that question can’t be answered without having discussed your requirements, but once I know what you require I will provide you with a proposal, outlining what I will do for you, and the costs involved.

Design Phase

Once we’ve come to an agreement, I will set out to produce your designs. If the project is a website, I may make a wire-frame design first, but I often skip that step to produce a ‘working design’ which you can interact with. If it’s a print or logo project, I will send you through your first sample for you to review. I then go back and improve the design(s) based on your feedback.

Development Phase

Based on your feedback from the initial design, I will then develop and “flesh out” the design. If the project is a logo or print design, this will hopefully result in a ready-to-use product. If it’s a website, it’s during this phase I will create all of the pages and add your content onto the website.

Final Product Presentation

I will, when complete, provide you with the final product to look at before we ‘go live’ or send to print. If you are interested, I am able to come to you and present the design / website from a laptop, explaining everything you wish to know while there. If the project was a website, I can provide you with training if you wish to manage/maintain it yourself.

Approval & Deployment

Once you state that you’re happy with the designs and/or website, I can then deploy the website to the live server / send the design to print.

The Future

When your project has been completed, I will do what I can to support you and always be ready to help you further. Be it with some website support / training, or a re-order of your printed materials. If you’re looking to start a new project, that’s great! I’ll be more than willing to help. I will understand your company and it’s corporate image already, saving time on future developments!

Lets Work Together

Interested in working with me? That's great! Simply get in touch so we can discuss your requirements.

All enquiries and consultations are free of charge and hold no obligations.